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MECHANIZED farming is the way to go for farmers though it comes with demerits but it is productive and helpful at the end of the day. Some business books even states that for one to be an entrepreneur they have to be risk takers as well as that success does not come on a silver plate but requires one to work for it no matter the challenges. 

Therefore, farmers putting mechanized farming into practice should keep their fire burning and those who have the capacity to adopt this farming method.

In simpler terms, mechanized farming is the process of using agricultural machinery to mechanize the works of agriculture, greatly increasing farm productivity. Otherwise a normal effective mechanized farming increases production in two ways; firstly the timeliness of operation and secondly the good quality of work.

The requirement of natural power for certain operations like seedbed preparation, cultivation and harvesting; becomes so great than existing human or animal power appears to be inadequate operation wise in comparison with the various enterprises ventured into at that particular period of time. 

Basically mechanized farming may be either partial or complete. It is partial when only a part of the farm work is done by machines as well as the other part is done by human or animal power while on the other hand when animal or human labor is completely avoided then it is termed as complete.

Apart from that mechanized agriculture has two forms mobile mechanization and stationery mechanization. Stationery mechanization is when a machine is placed in one position to execute the works of agriculture, for instance a center pivot while on the other hand mobile mechanization involves the movement of machines in order to accomplish the works of agriculture farming a very good example is a tractor.

 Like it is stated in the preamble  that Farmers should always take agriculture farming as a business and their goal should be to maximize on the profits and minimize on the losses minus encountering  too much  stress on the labor aspect provided if all necessary machines are available and are put into good use.

Mechanized agriculture brings about efficiency, provide greater precision in farm operations, reduce agricultural losses and contribute to tremendous harvest. It also increases agricultural production in that it speeds up the work and eventually farming operations becomes revamped. 

For instance time that a man will take to work on a hectare using manpower or animal will be totally different from using a machine. Mechanized farming enables small scale and medium farmers to graduate to commercial farming that actually leads to massive production and eventually the income increases at a faster rate as well as improve the living standards of these farmers.

To wrap it up, farmers should be on the lookout for the next edition that will give detailed information on farm mechanization. In addition emphasis goes to the farmers out there who are failing to exploit the acquired resources for mechanized farming to up their game and perform wonders in the agricultural sector.

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