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CUNICULTURE is an agriculture practice of breeding and raising domestic rabbits as livestock for their meat, urine and manure.

A National Resource Development College NRDC crop science student has developed a pesticide and organic fertilizer using Rabbit urine.

Shamilimo Marsburg tells Agribusiness News that after rearing rabbits for sell as pets, he realized that there need to add value to his business.

"I run a company called Farmers Pride and I have been rearing rabbits to sell as pets and sometimes for their meat but I thought of adding value to the business.

"I watched some videos on YouTube of how someone in Uganda was using Rabbit urine to make organic fertilizer I did a research and discovered that Rabbit urine is rich in minerals for both roots and leaves of the crop.

"I had to modify the houses so that I could properly collect the urine, which I did so that could collect all the urine.

"After doing some research I tried on my backyard garden and the results were excellent so I started sensitizing my neighborhood on the benefits of using Rabbit urine organic fertilizer before I started selling to farmers.

"After spraying the organic fertilizer we observed that the plants had no insect attacks of any kind and that's how we discovered that it also kills harmful insects on the plants so it's both a pesticide and a fertilizer. Am urging farmers to use this type of organic fertilizer to reduce on costs of using insecticide and fertilizer,"he narrated.

He further explained that the fertilizer is quick to take effect in plants because of it being in liquid form unlike the actual droppings.

Shamilimo said that the vegetables that he grows using with this organic fertilizer has better taste as confessed by his clients.

For further information on the Rabbit urine fertilizer and to make orders kindly call Marsburg on  0975729715.

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