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Agronomist and farmer Eric Mwenda has launched a book titled Be a Farmer Be Millionaire brand.

Speaking during the launch of the book, Mr Mwenda said he almost gave up on farming in 2007 and concentrate on tourism.

He said the brand "Be a farmer be a millionaire has uplifted many farmers in the country.

Mr Mwenda explained that in 2007 things were not easy in his career hence he wanted to retire after 10 years of being in the sector but little did he know that it was the beginning of great things.

While planning for his retirement he had a dream of a farm on three occasions and when he went to church the pastor preached about the need never to give up on dreams, from that moment he thought he should soldier on with farming.  

One day I went to Times of Zambia to place an advert on conducting training workshops for farmers.

"That was on a Wednesday and I wanted to conduct the workshop on a Saturday but how I was going to do it I was not sure but I then came up with the slogan Be a farmer be a millionaire,"he explained.

Mr Mwenda was charging by then K 10,000 (K 10) for each attendee after paying K 35,000(K 35 now) for the advert.

He said the training workshop was held in Ngwerere but unfortunately on five farmers attended.

After the workshop,the farmers commended Mr Mwenda and advised him to extend the program to other parts of the country.

"That itself was a motivation and we went around the country training farmers though it was not an easy undertaking. I remember travelling to Livingstone only to find myself alone in the hall without farmers.

And an Agriculturalist John Zimba called on every farmer to embrace the Be a farmer be a millionaire brand.

Mr Zimba said the book must be owned by every farmer doing farming as a business.

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