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Local, foreign Scientists converge ...to find innovative solutions to sustainable agriculture and food security amid climate change


Technology and Science Minister Felix Mutati has dared Scientic Researchers holding   Public Holders  Degree(PHD) of not contributing much to the  alleviation of poverty.

Speaking at the International Consultative Meeting on research development and technology transfer for sustainable agriculture and food security on low income country, Mr Mutati said little has been done by PHD holding  Scientists to end poverty in developing countries.

Mr Mutati said hunger is a detrimental thing that stole  away people's dignity.

The Minister has since urged Researchers and Scientists to find a lasting solution to hunger some African countries are grappling with through innovative works.

"We do know that technology does exist but that technology exists not to everyone. Mostly it is you the scientists with  your big books. So, what we are  saying is the big books that  you are reading and the knowledge that you have does not belong to you but it belongs to humanity. There is no point to say that I have got a PHD when you are failing to create a  solution to reinstate and conquer hunger. Surrender your PHDs and start again," he said.

Mr Mutati said people look up to people with PHDs  for answer.

"...But that answer must not be a rumur but it must be turned into a practical output," he said.

Mr Mutati said the country has people that have competence and capacity to combine words in finding solutions but having no output.

"We have scientists with PHDs, Masters Degrees and ordinary degrees and  what they do, the presentations they put on the wall, the World comes together and say here lies an answer but the moment you leave this place and walk across the streets, there  is despair and hunger. Where are the PHDs, where are the solutions," he asked.

 And Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research (NISIR) Executive Director Henry Kambafwile said it amid many  challenges  the country is grappling with, there is need to focus the energy on four pillars namely agriculture, manufacturing, mining and tourism.

"While aim at attaining the aspirations of the 8th National Development Plan, we are challenged with the prolonged drought that has led to the declaration of the National Disaster by his Excellency the President of the Republic of Zambia, Mr Hakainde Hichilema," Dr Kambafwile said.

He said President Hichilema through institutions like NISIR Directed that the country must focus on short and long term measures to stabilise food insecurity.

 Dr Kambafwile thanked stakeholders across Africa for attending the Consultative Meeting.

"In keeping the general theme "Research and Development and Knowledge Transfer Sustainable Agriculture and Food Insecurity" experts local and International Scientists have had and will have an opportunity to share experiences and scientific knowledge that aims to bring about meaningful, sustainable practical change to improve agricultural production, improve risk management and mitigation of food insecurity and mitigation of the prolonged drought, especially here in Zambia in the face of Climate Change," Dr Kambafwile said

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